Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hungarian Vizsla

Now this is a dog to get.
This comment has attracted some attention. So I think I should explain. I was introduced to a Hungarian Vizsla this past week in Venice Fl, she was being trained to be a eye seeing dog. This 4 month old girl was sitting with master and doing all the right thing and after talking to the trainer I was hooked on this breed...

I have posted the pup's picture and as you will note she has her ID patch on her back so she can go anywhere & everywhere as she is being trained...
Pup in training

If you are interested visit great stories about this wonderful breed. And Thank you Rio Rocket for you comment... Elton

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Rio Rocket said...

Vizsla's are GREAT dogs however they don't fit into every household. They require MUCH attention and tons of exercise.