Monday, February 04, 2008

RC Cola, What A Deal

It was one of those summer days that not much was going on but as I recall the sun was shining & all was well. I was walking up Third Street from Devonshire, the same way I walked every day to Royal George School. But this was the summer time break and it gave this trip somewhat of a strange feeling.

There was a little store not quite on the corner of Third & I believe it was Empire, just a small home that had been converted to a general goods store. I don't remember the store name; but in my mind’s eye, I recall that the front door was in the middle with a second winter wind break door. The balcony ran across the front with a place to sit/stand on each side of the entrance. This spot was a local hang out during the school year. This store also serviced the local area home owners as a quick stop in to pick up a loaf of bread / milk or sometime just have a soft drink and a smoke. I however was out to spend some golf ball money that was burning a hole in my pocket.

'Shorty' was his nick name he lived on Murray Avenue between Third & Churchill. He was sitting on the deck with his feet propped up whistling as he always did. He had a soft drink bottle between his legs that was huge; it seemed to be a gallon soft drink. I asked "Shorty what is that?" His reply was simple, "RC Cola, you dumb ass!" and he went back to whistling another tune.

RC Cola, 16 oz. at a cost of 10 cents plus a 2 cents bottle deposit. This was the same price as an 8 oz Coke! What a deal.

Reminiscing I wonder what the youth have today that would come close to this discovery, as well as the ambience of a general store in a small town on a side street enjoying the summer breeze & Shorty tunes. I feel very fortunate to have had RC Cola in my life. Elton

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